W. Frickenstein -Bass, Vocals / Johnny Contreras -Drums / Allen Mate -Guitars


THE EVERSCATHED lineage dates back to 1996 when W. Frickenstein (bass/vocals) and his band mates chose a warpath of dark, dismal Death Metal to become known as ENMORTEM. The band went on to record and release 3 demos (“Bleeding The Sorrow” in 1997, “Their Blood I Offer The King” in 1998, “Manifestations Of Infernal Disgust” in 1999) and one EP (“Barbaric Displeasure” in 2000). In 2002, ENMORTEM were ready to record a full length and entered the studio to create the “Razors Of Unrest” album. Before the album was released, ENMORTEM decided on a name change, since the group’s past endeavors in no way represented the current song writing and purpose. As of January 1st, 2003, the band’s name was officially changed to THE EVERSCATHED. A series of injuries suffered by each of the band members (at different times) put off the release of “Razors” until 2006, when it was finally released by Open Grave Records. Many shows were played in support of the record, and in 2008 THE EVERSCATHED entered the studio to record “The Devils Cross” EP. Also recorded at that time was the two song “Path Of Soured Dreams” demo CD, which acted as a teaser to the song writing path the band was heading towards. In 2009, original drummer Tim Frickenstein left the band and was immediately replaced with longtime friend John Contreras, proven drummer and producer with the bands VEHEMENT and CONGLOMERATORZ. Shows in 2009 were the band’s strongest to date, with their stage presence increasing tenfold. The band continued writing for the next full-length album, and in 2010 recorded and released “Still Screaming World” through Allergicide Music. The band was now playing the biggest shows of their career, opening for nationals, headlining events and touring with other veteran Metal acts. In 2013 the band recorded the “Disgrace In Arms” EP, and shortly after it’s completion THE EVERSCATHED parted ways with long-time guitarist Brice Dalzell. Barely out of the studio and the band has already begun working on brand new material, along with honing the classic material with new guitarist Allen Mate (UNSOLEMN, EMBER, EMPYREAN SKY). With the new line-up intact, the band decided to record a brand new single. The song "Wave of Disaster" showcased the style that the band had been heading toward for many years - Death Metal for fans of All Metal. The single immediately took off as a fan favorite and led to 2014 being one of THE EVERSCATHED's busiest touring years thus far. 2015 saw THE EVERSCATHED recording and releasing their most acclaimed album to date, with "Scars To Bare" finding an audience with more fans outside of the United States than ever before. 2016 marked the 10 year anniversary of "Razors Of Unrest", an album that opened a lot of new doors for THE EVERSCATHED at that point in the band's journey through the musical landscape. To help celebrate, THE EVERSCATHED recorded a new EP entitled “Still Raging In Unrest” and simply gave away physical CD copies to the friends and fans of the band that continue to go to live shows and support their local Metal scene. The EP featured a re-worked, re-recorded version of the namesake song “The Everscathed”, a cover of OVERKILL’s classic thrashsterpiece “Powersurge” and a brand new intro theme in “A Foreboding Procession…”. Now in 2017, the trio has begun working on the fourth full-length album. The band will continue to conquer new ears in new towns and celebrate past victories with longtime friends and fans along the roads already traveled. THE EVERSCATHED will continue to bring Death Metal to fans of All Metal!