"Scars To Bare" CD - $10

8 song limited edition CD from In Death Records.

“Scars To Bare” features eight crushing songs of Old Style Death Metal, that will also appeal to fans of all other genres of Metal. Front to back, “Scars To Bare” takes the listener on an intense journey through many different soundscapes; fast, slow, melodic, abrasive, clean, dirty, sour and everything in between, all while allowing the audience to draw their own conclusions behind the meanings of the songs... Manifesting Sound into Carnage... IN DEATH RECORDS 2015


Track List :

1. Becoming The Executioner
2. Hammers At Dawn
3. The Opposite Reflection
4. Maim The Wandering
5. Bear The Scars
6. Cursing My Name
7. Wave Of Disaster
8. Where I Lie

All songs written and performed by THE EVERSCATHED.
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Stone Oak Studio in March 2015.